DMV Services

DMV Services (Customer Only Service)

Community Bank of Cameron-Grantsburg-Siren is an authorized partner with the Department of Motor Vehicles. We provide our customers with limited DMV services for cars, motorcycles, and trucks (up to 8,000 pounds).

We are limited to the following transactions for new, used in-state, and used out-of-state vehicles, as defined by our partnership agreement with the DMV.

  • Issue Plates and Title
  • Transfer Plates and Title
  • Basic Title transactions only

Cost: $19.50 off site processing fee + $5.00 state fee plus cost of DMV plate, title changes and sales tax.  Please note fees vary according to vehicle type and are determined by the DMV office.

Required Documents:

  • Title of vehicle
  • Form of identification
  • Lien release or stamped title

Renew Plates

Cost: $10.00 off site processing fee plus registration fee

Required Documents:

  • Must have DMV issued renewal card.

Community Bank of Cameron-Grantsburg-Siren is not capable of doing the following transactions due to our partnership with the DMV. If you need one of the following transactions completed please visit your local DMV:

  • Trailers
  • RV’s
  • Collector plates
  • Vehicles not registered last year
  • Transactions involving a deceased person’s vehicle

Contact DMV for locations: (608) 266-1466