President’s Message

Ted Gerber, President

“Life is good!”

That’s how she started the conversation. This person, who I’ve known for almost 20 years, went on to explain how she had been in remission from cancer for some time and she was happy to be able to visit with me, something that didn’t seem possible a year ago. She then thanked us (the Bank) for all that we have done for her. I was at once proud and embarrassed by her last statement. Proud that she felt we helped her, and embarrassed that a woman who has beaten a life threatening disease would thank me for something as trivial as banking. Before I could saying anything, she smiled and left. I thought about this conversation for a long time. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized how a positive outlook on life can affect everyone around you. Her conversation made my day. I’m sure she did the same for many others as well. 

Think about what we complain about every day. It’s too cold. It’s snowing already. It gets dark too early. Some guy from Minnesota cut me off on the highway. Short of moving to another state, we can’t control any of these things!So rather than complain, why not see the bright side. It’s warmer than yesterday. At least the snow is pretty. Shorter days means it’s getting closer to Christmas! Ok, maybe there is no hope for our neighbors when it comes to driving, but you get my drift. See the positive, share a compliment, and you will be amazed at how much better you feel. And maybe you can make someone else’s day as well.


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Lost/Stolen ATM Card

If your ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately:

In Cameron at (715) 458-2513.
In Grantsburg at (715) 463-3456.
In Siren at (715) 349-7499.
In Danbury at (715) 656-3040.

After regular business hours, please call 800-472-3272 to receive assistance.

To activate your new or reissued card or to change your PIN call 800-992-3808.