President’s Message

Ted Gerber, President
Nostalgia is an important piece of the American culture.  We like to remember “the good old days” when gas was cheap, towns were small, and life was simple.  Of course, it was never as good as we remember it.  In fact, we revel in the difficulties of the past.  How many times have you heard someone say “You don’t know how good you have it now.”   We remember the best and the worst, and forget everything else in between.

Nostalgia is the same in banking.  I hear statements like “I remember when we borrowed money on a handshake” or “My first mortgage was 21%” everyday from customers.  We believe things were better in the past, or they were worse, depending on the situation.  In reality, I believe this is the best time in history to be working with a community bank.  Our banking technology is on the cutting edge, allowing customers access to their information and accounts at an unprecedented level.  Interest rates are extremely low, giving customers buying power they have never had before.  And our staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and local to help you get where you need to go.

Community Banks have the technology that rivals the big banks with the personal touch you have come to expect from a hometown bank.  Right now really is “the good old days”, at least as it relates to banking.  Now if the price of gas would just go down.  I remember when it was only…..

Bank Officers:

Terry Gerber, Chairman of the Board

Ted Gerber, President/CEO/Grantsburg Branch Manager

Tim Gerber, CFO/Cameron Branch Manager

Joan Turner, VP Loans

Shari Gaier, VP Operations

Pam Voigt, VP Internal Auditing

Jamie Morales, Siren Branch Manager

Cara Duerkop, Compliance Officer/CRA Officer

Dave Bonczyk, IT Specialist