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    ~Jacquelyn Cary and Cary Poorker

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If your ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately at 800-472-3272 to receive immediate assistance.

Message from our Bank President, Ted Gerber

In June of 2020, my family had a medical emergency that required an ambulance ride to the Twin Cities. As you can imagine, this was not a cheap trip. Initially, the insurance company denied coverage. Over the next 20 months, we (with the help of our independent local agent) went back and forth with the insurance company, sending emails, filing appeals, conducting “independent” hearings, until finally they agreed to pay the bill in full. Of course they never admitted any wrongdoing or took any responsibility for the delay. While we are happy with the outcome and indebted to our local agent for their help, the whole experience dealing with the big insurance company was certainly not pleasant. Continue reading…