Protect Your Identity

identity theft image

Avoid Scams

  • Hacked E-mail
  • Tech Support Scams

Secure Your Computer

  • Securing Your Wireless Network
  • Malware

Be Smart Online

  • Understanding Mobile Apps
  • Tips for Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

Protect Kids Online

  • Kids, Parents, and Video Games
  • Kids and Mobile Phones

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Lost/Stolen ATM Card

If your ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately:

In Cameron at (715) 458-2513.
In Grantsburg at (715) 463-3456.
In Siren at (715) 349-7499.

After regular business hours, please call 800-472-3272 to receive assistance.

To activate your new or reissued card or to change your PIN call 800-992-3808.

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